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Act One Step ™is safe for use around children, pets, and plants.  We are water based, no solvents, and remove the following and more:  PET STAINS & ODORS-SHOE POLISH-MAKEUP-ALL FOOD STAINS-BEVERAGE STAINS-GREESE-TAR-BLOOD-ALL HOUSEHOLD STAINS AND MANY MORE.  We are in over 1 Million homes Nationaly and Internationally.  MADE IN THE USA

Our product has been on the market since 1991.  We were only 3 products approved by Wools of New Zealand for Use on Wool.  Approved by major Carpet manufacteers.  We are not in the large department stores.  They sell solvent based products that are harmful, cumbustable, and simply do not get out all of the stains and odors our Great product does.

Advanced Cleaning Tech. Get Spots Out, ACT ONE STEP™ Call 1-800-741-3472  To place order
Manufacturer of the great product ACT ONE STEP STAIN & ODOR REMOVER™.  We sell directly to the public